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What is dental prosthesis?

Strengthens the tooth prosthesis When a tooth is damaged on its visible part (crown), the reconstruction of the missing part can be provided properly with conventional materials (amalgam and / or composite) that could break apart at the slightest touch . In this case, the tooth will be restored by a prosthetic element: the crown. A prosthesis can find mastication teeth of each jaw set point contact therebetween and allowing them to be harmonious aligned in a horseshoe curve and thereby ensure a good distribution between forces masticatoires.Teeth are missing (edentulism), bordering the edentulous teeth tend to move in search of a contact with a tooth.Masticatory forces are more evenly distributed on all teeth dents.Les remaining support, in addition to their role, "work" of missing teeth. They experience forces greater than those for which they are "programmed" and more or less long term, lesions appear (tooth fracture, damage of tissues supporting the teeth). Chewing no longer takes place in good condition, digestive problems can occur with effects on general health. In aesthetic prosthesis and to reconstruct the shape, color and alignment of teeth or cause the prosthesis restores.In addition, the absence of several posterior teeth of one or both dental arches causes sagging of facial features, widening wrinkles and advanced chin are all factors giving "an aspect of old age before." Implementation of a prosthesis overcomes these effects of premature aging .

How to restore an edentulous?

Fixed edentulous teeth will use Dental Handpieces,consists of two parts: one of the pillars that rest, through the crown of the teeth along each side of edentulism in bridge, on the other hand, intermediate elements reproducing the shape of missing teeth, welded rings and pillars that are just in contact with the gums. - Implants These are elements, most often titanium steel, which are surgically drilled into the bone at the edentulous site. They replenish the root of future prosthetic tooth. After a period known as osseointegration, ranging from 3 to 6 months, the implant receives a prosthetic crown. It can restore a tooth missing but can also serve as a pillar in edentulous greater. Dentures,when missing one or more teeth, they consist of a base resin or metal (Stellite) based on the gums and / or palate and are retained by hooks teeth restantes.they consist of a gingiva in pink resin on which are "glued" artificial teeth (only the crown portion).In absence of all the teeth on one or both dental arches are in resins and are supported by all of the gingiva (palate, including the upper jaw). they are held in place by a phenomenon of "suction-accession" exercising between the gum and the base of the prosthesis by means of the saliva.By dental equipment at
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